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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bell Mobility - Creekbank campus layoffs

Bell Mobility has stated in many newspapers and websites , including Toronto Star, that they are increasing jobs in Montreal and Vancouver while letting go of “some” employees in Mississauga.
The truth is that they let go of EVERYONE in tech support, client client, help desk, and escalation in Mississauga. That’s almost everyone in the site. More than 800 jobs are lost in that site. They are letting go of employees in “waves” , so within the next few weeks more jobs will be lost.
The addition of jobs they speak to are to outside call centres in Vancouver and London, ON that are third party contact centres. NO NEW JOBS WERE ADDED TO BELL MOBILITY. The rest of the jobs are transferred to Manila and Bangalore(according to Management sources in Creekbank campus).
I have stated in my blog almost a year ago that this will happen and it is currently happening. To all bell mobility customers, bell mobility will become again a NON-CANADIAN employer. Even the third party contact centres that are in Canada are getting paid $11 / Hr and have no experience in technical support or customer care. I was one of the employees who handled supervising and training those “employees” and they were a shame to Bell Mobility as they had no desire to learn and were slacking off alot.
Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bell Mobility phone repair process

With regards to repair process , Bell Mobility policies ensure that physical damage is to be cited to as many customers as possible to avoid having to pay repair costs out of BM’s budget. The extended warranty ($7/month) works only for 2 repairs / replacements and then you are no longer eligible. The store employees are not trained on the repair portion that well at all and usually refer to Technical Support for these matters.
My advice with regards to repair is DONT GO TO THE STORE FOR REPAIR ISSUES. The employees there don’t know much about the phone technically , if its a software issue they will call Technical Support from the same phone number you would call them on, and you have to pay a deposit at the store. If you call Technical Support request they send you a box with shipping label and you will NOT pay anything for a deposit or shipping. Only if the phone is determined to have a physical damage from negligence.
If the phone is not repair after 3-4 times you have the right for a replacement and also the right to speak to a department called innovations. They are an internal department that deal with very technical aspects of phones. Bell Mobility employees would never tell you anything about this because they are instructed not to. Palm Pre are the worse phones ever with repair.
If anyone has any questions , or advice on a problem with Bell Mobility ... leave a reply or email me at

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Special Customer Service Contact Number

Can't get a hold of Bell Mobility agent , or any Bell Canada agent ?

The customer service phone number does not connect you anywhere?

The routing system of Bell Canada and its subsidiaries is designed to increase service level % meaning less calls coming in to customer service agents.  It's also designed to cut you out after certain period of time of holding.

If you would like to get a hold of an agent without going through the hassle of waiting , do this:

1- dial 1-866-230-4675
2- it will ask you for a special number , enter 60504xx (put in any two numbers instead of the xx , the bigger the better). You may also replace the 4 with a 5.
3-Now you may choose where you want to be routed to , whether Bell Internet, Home phone, Cellular, or TV.
4-You get to also choose the language (Hint: If you choose French you will get an agent from Quebec or Ontario and three quarter of them are bilingual because they have to communicate with the Toronto and Vancouver offices whom may of them don't speak French).

 Have fun :)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What you get as a Bell Mobility Customer

Disclaimer: This is based on events seen by myself inside Bell Mobility as a person who works there. This is my personal opinion on how I am seeing things there and does not represent Bell Mobility itself or affiliates. People may agree or disagree. I am only saying what I am noticing.

  • Little to no explanation about the phone you're getting nor the plan .... this is because you never ask and just "assume" that it's all good and don't bother to have your lazy ass search about what you're getting before you get it and just take the word of a person who just wants to make a commission.
  • Used phone most of the time , and so it might be missing its accessories that of course you don't know about since you never bother to research in the first place.
  • Get to deal with employees who are not interested in their job and are fed up of it because of people like you who keep calling like a little B**ch demanding champaign at beer price. Same employees who have to take lots of pressure and non-sense by their own "support". Likely they have stats to follow so they'll do everything to get rid of you as soon as possible including telling you to wipe your phone on your own or take the phone to a Bell store , or even hang up on you.
  • Don't even think about leaving , you'll have to pay an arm and a leg........not that I will miss you personally or anything , in facts its less calls coming in means better service level actually.
  • Want to really resolve your issues ? get a hold of executives ; not bell employees or supervisors.....

What you get as a Bell Mobility employee

Disclaimer: This is based on events seen by myself inside Bell Mobility as a person who works there. This is my personal opinion on how I am seeing things there and does not represent Bell Mobility itself or affiliates. People may agree or disagree. I am only saying what I am noticing.

  • Decent wage , but not enough for the shit you have to go through
  • Benefits that you have to file for yourself to the insurance company and wait 5 weeks to receive anything
  • Vacation days that you can't use because its busy all the time or will use so soon because of the stress
  • Get to deal with Canada's most annoying and least intelligent customers who think they're god's gift on earth ; basically the least out of all cell phone users around the world who have no idea what the hell they signed up for nor the phones they are using. So they will just argue for the sake of trying to hustle for free credits.
  • Get to be pressured by a Quality department that's based in a non-English speaking country so they have no idea what you're talking about and often they'll claim you made mistakes that you really didn't make. Your supervisor will likely be lazy and won't fight it so you're stuck with that score. Their guidelines are very vague and unclear.
  • Personal development -> now you're going to be promised to personally develop and you'll get to places .........DREAM ON.  To move up you need to "know people" your work ethics and all that won't work ; why? because there are 300 people trying that who been there for 8 or 9 years or more. Also , personal development does not exist because its busy on the phones so no time for that. 
  • Get to be managed by inexperienced and incompetent managers who do not have enough experience in the field and have no leadership skills to the point they're not even around. They'll not be happy if you look for them to ask about anything at all.
  • Get support and help either by outdated documentations that sometimes don't relate to you , or by a tier 2 who don't like it when people call and give you attitude for nothing after holding on the line waiting for them for 10 minutes +
  • Computer equipments that freeze at times during your call or old phones that don't have a mute button so you're always tensed waiting for a call.
  • Seats and computer desks that are not ergonomic and will eventually cause you back and neck issues
  • Shifts that are very inconsistent so you never know when you work , flippidy floppidy .... your days off are probably gonna be Monday and Tuesday.
  • Get to consult incompetent , under trained , under paid , and non-English speaking client care and other departments' agents. You can't understand what they're saying , they lie to you about what they did for the customer and sometimes they don't even know why the customer called before transferring, they want to get rid of the call right away , and they can't speak English for the life of them.

Welcome to Bell Mobility.

Bell Mobility - the truth behind the scene

Disclaimer: This is based on events seen by myself inside Bell Mobility as a person who works there. This is my personal opinion on how I am seeing things there and does not represent Bell Mobility itself or affiliates. People may agree or disagree. I am only saying what I am noticing.

This is from perspective of a Bell Employee. I want to show how things are on our end so people can understand and not assume that we have more authority and abilities than we really do. At the same time that blame goes to the company and quite a bit of agents for their lack of patience and interest in the job , customers are also to be blamed for their lack of knowledge and research of their purchases and devices.

At Bell Mobility, we are constantly pressured to perform and exceed stats required. Some of these stats are unrealistic and are not planned well.  To make matters worse , Management usually have no understanding of how customer service works and just want numbers. I mean how can you limit the amount of time to handle a customer's call when you are supposed to help them? it gets really frustrating when people get so demanding and their issues take over 15 minutes to take care of (our handle time varies between 800-1100 seconds and if it goes around or over that hell is raised).

If you ask for too much help from Tier 2 (on 50% or more of the calls), then its deemed that you have no knowledge and require training. Now , they don't provide any additional training (the initial one is even lacking as they say we should learn from trial and error) and there is nobody else to ask. Half the times the team manager(s) aren't around and if you ask them a question they get angry and refer you to documentations that are outdated and offer no help.  It is very frustrating working there with no help or support and yet expected to exceed expectations.  Management walk by us looking at us like road kill laughing at us.

Morale is so low and everything they offer to employees has a catch to it ; ex: eating and drinking at your desk , you can do it between calls however there is no mute button so in case a call comes in they don't hear you eating or drinking , so you can't really eat or drink at your desk except on breaks and lunches.  Many meetings and surveys get cancelled because of "business needs" on the phone and its busy ... well why is it busy ? because their forecasting is really horrible to say the least.

To make matters worse , Bell Mobility introduced this new queue called specialty to deal with tablets and data devices. Here is the deal, they never informed us that it will have to do with the billing aspect as well until we were in the actual training class and it was too late to pull out. The "perks" that they offered us we got them about 8 weeks after they were promised. There is no management of the calls coming in to know the amount of agents needed so you never know if it will be a busy day and you need additional people or if it will be light day and can let people go for the day to decrease cost. So now the technical support department is slashed into 3 sections with specialty being the least of them.

When people were trained for specialty they were trained for only 2 days on everything including bill where they never dealt with billing before. People on calls didn't know what they're doing and the billing documentations were outdated and did not apply to them , so they put customers on hold for 10-30 mins sometimes or even disconnect the call. The supervisors are not trained on these information so you can't ask them about anything.  Bell has deceived its own employees too just like they did with their customers. No wonder morale is low and they constantly have to spend $ on PR and loyalty efforts.

Our dear Quality department , which is supposed to consist of experts who have dealt with calls before and have perfected it , don't have a single idea of what they are doing.  First , they are either based in Montreal or in Philippines and so they are very weak or don't speak English.  They can easily mistake words you say on the phone and deduct your score. The Quality Score sheet is very vague and is not clear at all to the point where we are always arguing with them over our scores.  They really can make you hate the job.

To make matters worse , the specialty agents don't get any extra pay even though they deal with troubleshooting for cellular devices (technical), data devices (technical and billing) and tablets (technical and billing) while not receiving any extra pay ; we get paid the same as the others in the Smart phone or voice Queue who deal with only cellular devices (technical) and maybe data devices (technical - most of them end up transferring the call to specialty anyways cold transfer).

Now to our dear Bell customers. First , know what you're getting into.  Don't just take the word of the agent or sales rep. Read about it on the internet as well on the Bell website and find out from multiple sources.  Understand everything including billing process and the technical information on the device you're receiving. Learn about it , find out what others said about it before getting it. If you encounter a problem with your device , do basic troubleshooting from the user guide or from the internet by going to google.

Don't expect the agents to know all about your phone , we don't have them in front of us and we look at the guide too (unless we dealt with the phone personally or have a simulator for it). Sometimes people call to ask such stupid questions like how to do something ; go look it up for god sake.

I find that Canadian and North American customers are generally less knowledgeable , less aware, and less intelligent when it comes to their cellular services than the rest of the world. I traveled to many countries and so I seen and compared this.  True that some agents may lie or not give proper information due to the lack of training they were provided in the first place , but at the same time you customers owe it to yourself to search and find out first before crying like little girls on the phone to the point we're annoyed enough to route you elsewhere.

Remember , when you're calling into Bell you're dealing with people who are not being paid enough to deal with the bullshit they have to hear and listen to and deal with.  People are usually under-trained and are expected to rely on documents that are out-dated or don't even relate to what we're trying to do. Those documents are created by those who don't know how the job is and never done it before.

We are not sitting there with phones on our table to know what the hell you're talking about , so we rely on searching google and reading the user guide on lots of the devices. Therefore sometimes its really useless calling all together and might as well just search it yourself.  The work condition is miserable to say the least with no management around to help if needed and the lighting of the place is so bad its depressing , and the seating areas don't help your back or your neck.

The company is even fighting the presence of a union within and there has been news of employees being threatened if they join (according to sources published within company internal communications). Now why would a company not want a union for its employees to make things better for them ?? so for customers , this is what you deal with when you call in.

I personally think its better off not to call except to dispute bills and disconnect your service. Even better , switch to a different telecommunication company all together so you rid yourself of headache of dealing with incompetent unhappy employees who don't even want to be there, and we as employees don't have to deal with your IQ of a squirrel l intelligent, your miserable attitude, and your stupid questions. This is my personal opinion based on what I seen from the company and its customers.

Also, we have very untrained and underpaid Store representatives who have no idea of anything.  They call about the stupidest things and ask questions they should already know.  They call us in an arrogant attitude as if we are mcdonalds staff or something.  Guess what? deal with us better or you be routed to other departments , or even referred to the manufacturer.  At the office, people joke about how incompetent those reps are.

At the end , we're both very frustrated (employees and customers). The only employees that are not frustrated are usually pets of management and they get what they want and have good shifts that don't change and have the weekend off. Alot of agents hours changed constantly so you can't plan your life and the days off are horrible (non-weekend) so it adds more to the frustration. Bell employees are not being treated well to the point they're giving away their shifts to work less to get away , and bell customers are frustrated because of the poor service they receive as a result of the low morale and corporate culture of the company. The company promises surveys about employee satisfaction , only one was done within last 2 years and results were never shown.  Wonder what that tells you about this company!!

By the way , according to internal sources Bell is no longer hiring Technical Support nor Client Care within Canada (not official) as it will all be overseas in Philippines , India, and other countries from now on.  This will start decreasing the jobs within Canada specially Atlantic region to start with and eventually people maybe given the option to become billing agents or be laid off. However since there are many agents at the current time , there maybe lay offs. For customers , this mean expect more outsourcing and language barriers and communication with agents who don't know Canadians nor any place in Canada.

We both should blame the management for not understanding how things are really working for customer facing agents. If anyone wants more information or advice contact me. Feel free to forward this to management of Bell Mobility if possible so they can read and learn better.

Friday, 10 May 2013

End Your Bell Mobility Cell Phone Prison!!


Friday, 30 November 2012

Bell Mobility is a Scam!

I have been a bell mobility customer for over 7 years I have finally had enough....

Here are my reasons:

  • Extremely poor customer service (broken English phone agents in the Philippines etc.., )
  • Continually surprised with unauthorized changes to my plan & available services without my permission that differ from what I originally signed a contract for.
  • Hidden fees and charges that show up after being sold each new contract because the bell kiosk representative just wanted the sale.
  • Bad warranty coverage on all the actual phone purchased. Treo, Blackberry Storm, Motorola Atrix and Original Iphone all were lemons! No help, no sympathy or offer to replace ever! The paid replacement plan is a bit of a joke as you pay $20 a month ongoing and a deductable of $150 to replace your phone. By the time you want to replace your phone or something typically goes wrong your phone is outdated anyway so you don't really want to replace it.
  • I have the Motorola Atrix now, have asked for paper bills for over a year and only get a call every 3 months from collections threatening to discontinue my service if I don't pay my over inflated bills.
  • Once my bill was over $1000.00 because they remove my "Fab 10" numbers off my account without my knowledge
  • The worst part is for years my bill would get paid automatically by my work until I realized my monthly bills that should be around $100.00 are over $500.00 on average.
  • As I live close to the border I have continual issues with roaming into the USA which they never helped me with.
  • Aside from all this the sheer amount of hour and days of disrupted service for myself is unbearable as I am a very busy executive and a devout family man who values his time very highly.
  • Canadian phone companies have an absolute monopoly and I feel sorry for anyone getting scammed to the same extent as me. I have paid them over $50K in the last 5 years.
  • I would suggest adding your comment and considering a launch of a class action lawsuit with me.
I am done with this company forever. The only thing that could change my mind at this point would be a free phone and a prepaid all inclusive plan.

From the Bell Mobility Website

If you were not satisfied with the resolution provided in the previous steps, you may file a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). The CCTS is an agency independent of the telecommunications industry. Their mandate is to resolve complaints of individual and small business retail customers about their telecommunications services.

If you have a complaint about your services, including local or long distance phone service, mobile phone service or Internet service, you must try to resolve it with Bell before contacting the CCTS. If you have done so and have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, CCTS may be able to help you, free of charge.Learn more about CCTS at or call toll-free at 1 888 221-1687.